I'm James.

James King is health coach who’s obsessed with nutrition, longevity and sports performance. His passion lies in improving the lives of others through the power of diet and lifestyle by sharing his research-backed protocols along with his own personal journey.

After following the classic western trajectory of desk jobs and poor nutrition for a number of years, James became ‘sick and tired of feeling sick and tired’. This feeling set in motion a journey of self discovery and reflection that led to a cascade of lifestyle changes that had a significant impact on his physical and mental performance.

James’ love for nutrition and fitness ultimately led to him becoming a Certified Health and Wellness coach. He now practices full time and has seen success in helping people reverse chronic disease, lose weight, improve energy levels and ultimately maximize their potential.

Once James had recognized the huge benefits that optimal nutrition could have on all aspects of life, he felt it was time to share his passion and knowledge with the wider community. He used his research skills, coaching experience, compassion and work ethic to find the answers that so many are searching for.

The diet and lifestyle changes recommended on PlantFuelFocus are the result of James’ continued research into the science of longevity, disease prevention and overall health. His message throughout is clear: ‘Focus on properly fuelling your body so you can perform at your best on a daily basis’.

James’ mission is to help you achieve your health, longevity and fitness goals by optimizing diet and lifestyle. In doing this, you will find yourself showing up every day with focus, drive and passion. 

In following the suggestions found on Plant Fuel Focus, you’re one step closer to achieving your best life. Welcome to a new world, it’s an amazing place to live.

Take your health into your own hands.

During your free initial consultation, you’ll meet me for 30 minutes – that’s 3x longer than the average doctors appointment!

15 Simple Habits for Sustainable Health

Learning how to achieve optimal long-term health is crucial to every aspect of your life. Excelling at work, showing up for your family and participating in your favourite activities all require a foundation of energy and vitality.

My view is that health doesn’t need to be complicated. Keeping things simple and consistent is the key to sustainable success in the health world. Implementing just a few achievable habits into your day could have a huge impact on your quality life.

What people are saying

"James is a good hearted coach with a lot of experience and skill. He has a structured approach combined with deep listening and non-judgement which is a great combination. We worked on my blockages around health, exercise and energy and found some answers in my family relationships as well as my own psychology which I found insightful. He really gets to the psychological root of the issue. Highly recommended!"

Ronal 38, Asset Manager, London (UK)

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